Saturday 17 December 2011

Weigh In and Picking Myself Back Up

Hello my lovelies,  sorry I've been absent for a few days, really need to start posting more than once or twice a week.  But I have been reading and commenting a bit, will try to comment more.  But know that I'm reading and being inspired and thinking of you all.  Unfortunately, after my last post, things didn't get much better, and although I didn't go straight back to old habits (not completely possible so I guess there is a band in my belly!), I definitely wasn't on track and wasn't tracking (usually use myfitnesspal) and was eating too much.  So the scale was being a bitch and telling me each morning that I shouldn't be making these bad choices, I think there was one day when I was 6lbs up from last week!!  I think that was the last straw and I'm glad to say I've now had two good days and counting, tracking and staying within my calories.  I guess the scale was being extreme to help get me back on track because today's weigh in was much kinder.

Starting Weight: 17st9lbs (247lbs)
Current Weight: 15st7lbs (217lbs)
Weight Loss this Week: 1lb
Total Loss: 30lbs.

So you'll see that I'm back where I was two weeks ago, gained a lb last week and lost it this week.  I feel very lucky that I wasn't back in the 220s this week and I frightened myself with how easy it was to lose sight of my goals.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your supportive comments last week.  I've read every single one of your blogs from start to finish (yes, even the really long ones that have been blogging for years!) and I know that everyone goes through bandster hell and that all of you are huge successes, I can be like you.  At least I hope so.  It really meant so much to me that you all responded with such kindness.  I hope I can repay it.

So here's to a better week, I will not spend another two weeks flirting with the same lb, I am going down.  Christmas will not get the better of me!!  Love x


  1. That's the spirit!!! You can do this my lovely! *HUGS*

  2. Glad you've had a good couple of days and lost that pound back!

  3. Good for you Mari - thank YOU for your lovely comment on my blog the other day, you're a doll! This is a hard time until you get to a good restriction, so just try to keep in your calorie count for the day, and make good choices, and once you have your first couple of fills, you'll see, it will get better. This is a lifelong thing, you just need to keep trucking along! And 30 lbs down is fantastic, so you just keep patting yourself on the back - don't let those crazy voices in your head get you down, ok? And I know, because I have a whole VILLAGE of crazy voices in my head!! You can do this...hugs!

  4. It is sooooo easy to fall, trust me I know. You are doing great, and you recognized it and stopped it, that is HUGE my dear.

    You will be a success because you are focused and have committed yourself to this journey, no one ever said there would not be hiccups. There will be, it is how you deal with them that matters.

    Great job, and keep up the fantastic spirit!

  5. To be back at even after 2 weeks is great! The up 1, down 1 game is one we all play from time to time (I've been playing with it for months but I digress). Sounds like you're back on track :)

  6. Yay for a loss... You will get there!! My almost band twin!