Friday 30 March 2012

All Grown Up

My darling jellypuffs, I have been absent again, but I think I have had cause to be with moving house and not having internet for a few days etc.  But I am now settled into my LOVELY flat with my gorgeous boyfriend and all is going very well!  I'm just next to the town centre and five minutes from the beach (sadly it's pebbly, this is England after all!) and it's been beautifully sunny and warm.  I'm feeling very house-wifey, cleaning and tidying and organising ( I love organising, quite ocd about it), having people over to visit, generally loving my boy and revelling in having him there every morning and every night.  It's making me so happy!  So it took us three days to settle in and Ben went back to work on Tuesday, I used that day as my fresh start.  I got scared that if I didn't use this change of scenery, change of lifestyle to kick start me, then it would never happen.  As you'll know, weight loss has pretty much been on the back-burner since Christmas and I've only last 2lbs in the past couple of months.  I have thoroughly had enough of that!  Sadly I can't afford a gym membership at the moment and I'm far too wobbly to run outside, but I've got exercise dvds and a stepper and weights in the flat and I've been doing 30-45 minutes a day which has really made me feel good.  Not only because of endorphins, but because I'm actually doing it!  And food has been miles better, I'm back to tracking my MFP and not just mindlessly eating sugary food all day.  Just simply stopping and thinking before eating is really getting my mind back in the right place.  When I weighed in on Tuesday morning I was 1lb up from my lowest, at 14st12lbs (208lbs) and fingers crossed there'll be a smaller number in place of it when I weigh in next Tuesday - maybe that will be my new official weigh in day.  We'll see.  Anyway, wish me luck as I persevere through the difficult first weeks of starting again.  Any tips would be great.  And I leave you some pictures, one of me at my heaviest and one of me a couple of days ago at a gig with my best friend L.
Love you all - I've been reading, can't seem to comment at the moment, error page comes up - any advice?? x


  1. You are so pretty Mari... you look like CHarlize Theron

  2. Gorgeous! Don't leave us again!! I miss your smiling bloggy face! And congrats on moving in - it is heaven, isn't it? Sometimes the only thing I want in the whole world is to go to sleep with my husband every night and wake up with him every morning. It's a huge gift to find that!! I know you can get through this re-start, and you will be back on the downward train!! You can do it Mari!!! xoxoxoxo