Saturday 14 April 2012

BYOC - Late like the white rabbit.

Thanks lovely beauty Draz for BYOC once again!

1. Whether you’re a parent or not….what do you think the appropriate age is to talk to a child about “the birds and the bees”?

Well, I'm not a parent yet - I'm so excited about having children.  I'm in no hurry, I'm only 23 and my relationship is also young, but I know I'm meant to be a parent one day!!  So, sexy time chat, huh?  Well, I was first taught sex ed at school when I was only 7, just basics I guess - I can't really remember, and then again much more in depth when I was 10.  So I think school got there before my mum did.  I also had an older sister (5yrs older) which I think played a part in me maturing quickly.  I got my period when I was 10 and definitely really really fancied boys (not really sexually, but like I was just obsessed with them) from about age 8/9.  My mum has always been very prudish, calling things 'down-belows' rather than by their real names.  So I think it's important to be frank and open about names of things, not make anything to do with the body or sex taboo - but just pay attention to each individual child's maturity and always answer their questions truthfully.

2. What’s the color scheme in your bedroom?

We're renting and the decor of the whole flat is neutral creams, beiges and browns.  I wouldn't choose brown, but cream/white for carpets and walls is nice.  My bedding (thankfully the boy doesn't mind) is pretty pale florals with pink cushions.

3. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair?

I don't always use the same thing, depends on what's going cheap in the shops when I need some more.  But Herbal Essences often features, particularly the moisturising conditioner which smells like coconuts, and usually something for coloured hair to keep my blonde looking pretty.

4. And since it’s nearly summer time…do you paint your own toes, go some place for pedicures or not paint your toes at all? What’s your fave toe color?

Well - I used to hate feet, everyone's and my own.  But over the last few years I've become a lot more tolerant of them and by taking better care of mine, I like them more.  I've never had a pedicure because I always thought feet were gross and was scared that I'd be laughed at (silly I know!)  But just lately, I really really want to get one!!  I paint my toes, usually in whore red, and their painted most of the time.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week!

Good week in one way because my darling man has the week off work and I'm lucky enough to have him here for lovely times.  But I've got an absolute crapload of uni work to do, about 10,000 words to write and 3 exams all very imminent.  I've been in meltdown mode for a while now.  My mental health is really suffering.  Yuck.
Blog land - blogging more is going good and I've been reading consistently and loving your comments.  LOVE x

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