Wednesday 4 July 2012

Rainy Days

From what I hear in blogland it's pretty baking hot in the States - no such luck here - it's been raining for 2 days, grim.  Despite that I have been exercising, improved my 10k on the stationary bike at the gym by 2.5 minutes taking it down to 34.44 - how does that compare?  I've also started tracking again.  I know it's not bloody rocket science, but Kristin's comment, just asking if I was tracking, made me think - just do it already.  I stopped because I got fed up of typing in all the crap I've been eating and seeing the numbers add up.  So to fix the problem, instead of not tracking, I thought maybe I'd not eat all the crap and go back to planning and tracking 1200 cals a day.  So simple.  Such a mental game.  I did good today, have been feeling pretty miserable today and didn't have much to do so was bored as well.  I really wanted to EAT all the sweet things I could find.  But I didn't, I had a big cup of tea and watched The Notebook to get some tears out.

On to more important matters - we have a wonderful new blogger in our midst!!  Please stop over at her blog - - Theresa is getting banded TOMORROW!!  She could really do with some BOOBs love and support just like we all did when we started.

Big love and Happy 4th July to all of you x


  1. thanks for the "shout out" lol and for being so awesome... big day is just about here, I will be an official bandster in about 12 hours!
    good luck with the tracking, I never really put my all into tracking my food intake with "diets" 'til this(pre-op) and I am so use to it now it is like, eat a yogurt tell fitness pal, repeat lol... I would love to trade weather with you Mari, I love rainy days- some days more than others, and I do not enjoy the heat at all, off to bed ...g'nite

  2. Haha, to get some tears out. I love that. Guys totally don't understand, but I'm right there with you. My body needs to purge every once in a while. =P

    Glad you're going to be tracking now, it really does help SO much. I bet you'll see a big loss this week!