Saturday 27 April 2013

Degree Stress

Hi lovelies, got a bit behind with reading your blogs but all caught up now, sorry for minimal commenting.  I have been wildly busy getting my degree finished.  Still got just over two weeks to go so I expect to be pretty absent til then.  Wish I could be blogging more right now, but just have an insane amount of work to get done.  My first deadline is this Monday when I'll be handing three essays in (that I haven't finished yet!), then one a week for two weeks.
My weight is still upsettingly high, none of my clothes fit, and I'm closer to where I started than I can bear.  However, I got in contact with my band office and have a phone appointment with the dietician on the 1st May, and then on 7th I'm going in for a fill.  I can definitely eat way too much, pizza, pasta, bread, and much too much.  I don't know about hunger because I never leave it long enough between eating to feel it.  So I'm going for a fill, aiming for about 0.2ml, I had 0.25ml taken out about 7 months ago, which coincides with the start of my weight gain, I don't know how I didn't put two and two together - stupid!
I still believe I can do this.  Once my degree is done I'm going to get back to training for my 5k, got a heart rate monitor that connects to my iphone which I'm excited to use.  I will not give up.
Love to you all xxx


  1. Good luck with school and your band! You got this!

  2. So close to your degree!! Very exciting. :-) Good luck with all the essay writing!

  3. Working on a degree is so stressful. I gained like 40 pounds working on my Masters degree :(

  4. I hope you met your deadlines! You totally got this and I beleive in you! Keep going!

  5. hang in there Mari, if you are anything like me too many things "on your plate" in life will make you scrape it all into the trash and say "screw it I cant do it, it is too much" and then feel like a piece of crap for doing so,rather than just focusing on one thing and giving it my all... if this is something you do like a lot of us with anxiety etc.. give yourself a break and focus on your degree and deadlines, the weight loss will come when you have the rest of it all settled, your band will still be there, and you can give it your all, soon... stay calm