Friday 28 October 2011

Weigh In Grump

So it's weigh in day.  As reported in my last post, I seemed to have gained 3lbs overnight.  I managed to lose 1lb of that but I still have to report a gain.

Starting Weight: 17st9lbs (247lbs)
Current Weight: 16st7lbs (231lbs)
Weight Loss this Week: +2lbs
Total Loss: 16lbs.

I know that we're meant to focus on recovery, not weight loss, but I just feel so demotivated by this.  I feel so miserable all the time, I shut myself away from my friends, I don't answer my phone, I hide.  And then when I do try and contact people, I don't get much of a response, like they don't want to see me.  I was just hoping that I'd feel less miserable because I'd had the surgery and that I'd be losing weight, not gaining it.  I haven't gone over 1000kcal per day so it must just be nonsense or a scale based head fuck.  I go onto mushies tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, but I fear it'll just lead to another gain next week.  Sorry for the pity party. x


  1. Hey hunny, chin up. I think that the first few weeks are horrible. You see huge loss right after surgery because you are just on liquids... then you may see the weight go up a bit until your first fill... keep your eyes on the long-term prize. It is really tough in the beginning - you expect big change immediately and you don't always get it. Hang in there, you're a star! xx

  2. You cannot expect to lose tons at first. 16 pounds already is huge!!!

    Be proud that you are following the band diet, that is tough work. Your body is made up of mostly water. So it fluctuates a great deal from day to day. What you see as a gain, is probably not a true gain!

    If you are sticking to your diet, you cannot gain! It is physically impossible.

    To gain a pound of fat, you have to eat 3500 calories over your daily allotment. That is not happening from what you said :)

    Hang in there dear, you are doing great. It is hard when you want the weight off now, we all have been there, but it does take time and sometimes months and months.

    The slower the better, for your body to maintain and also for your skin to go back so be patient!

  3. ((HUGS)) I know it's frustrating when you're eating so little and still see a gain. It's because your body has adjusted to the lack of calories. You may see a bump as you adjust to real food again but it's normal. Everyone goes through it. And you're feeling extra depressed because liquids suck and messes with your head anyway. It'll get better. I promise.

  4. I gained too :( For some reason the transition from Liquids to Mushies did not agree with me

  5. I'm sorry! It is frustrating. Your body is probably just freaking out right now and is fluctuating all over the place. It will start going down soon!

  6. You have lost 16 pounnds...I think that is great!! It's like losing a set of newborn twins :-)

  7. Positive vibes your way hunny - be proud of your achievements so far. your body is probably just trying to hang out to what it can because it probably thinks you're starving yourself lol it will come off - give it time and focus on recovery! xox

  8. When you move from one food stage to another, it's tricky... and it plays games with your body. No big deal, you'll be back down before you know it.

    And as far as your relationships with your friends... START ANSWERING THE PHONE! lol You can't expect them to not give you the brush-off if you're doing the same to them. Have a heart-to-heart about your insecurities if you need to, just mend those now.

  9. BTW, it is pretty common to gain a silly amount of weight in one day, but you will lose it a few days later. My body does this to me on an almost monthly basis... just to keep me in check I think.