Monday, 14 May 2012

Weigh In One of Phase Two I did good - but! the scale is 1.4lbs up from what it said yesterday which is pissing me off because I don't know what to put it down to and it had to be on weigh in day that my weight was up.

Starting Weight: 17st9lbs (247lbs)
Current Weight: 14st13lbs (209.2lbs)
Loss this Week: 2.6lbs
Total loss: 37.8lbs

Yesterday the scale said 207.8lbs and I really wanted to claim that today because I was so close to being rid of the weight I'd gained in my time off the bandwagon.  But - never fear, I'm not giving up!!  I'm going to just keep on going and working out and planning my meals and sticking to my calories and the scale will keep going down.  And hey, I can't possible turn my nose up at 2.6lbs lost can I.  It's the first week I've lost that much since maybe January or even December!  And the weeks will add up and one day, I won't see the fat mess I see in the mirror right now, I'll see a fit and strong and healthy version of myself.  And I'll be proud because I know I worked hard for it.  It's just so exhausting not feeding my emotions.  I've been such a mess the past couple of days.  It's scary to lose your vice, your crutch and have nothing to replace it with.
I'm gradually catching up with you all and will keep going and get back to commenting.  Love x

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  1. Yay for breaking the 15 barrier though! Gone forever!!!!