Sunday 17 March 2013

Move Monday

Thank you for the warm welcome back dearest bloggy friends.  Would you believe it, this is my 100th post!!
I've been blogging for over 18 months (with the occasional hiatus, ahem...), nevertheless it has been a wonderful thing sharing journeys and stories and struggles.

So my first pledge in getting on track is to move more.  From tomorrow I will be wearing my pedometer every day trying to clock as many steps as possible by generally taking opportunities to move as well as going for brisk, purposeful walks.  Plus, to let off steam, to raise my energy levels, to raise my serotonin levels (lord knows my depression needs it!), to increase my fitness and to decrease my big fatty fatness, I will be going to the gym as often as possible (aiming for 4x a week).

I also want to get consistent with when I wake up.  Because my schedule is very flexible (despite having a LOT of work to do for my degree), combined with my not being a morning person, means I struggle to get up in the morning.  On top of this, all three of my 'mental health meds' cause drowsiness.  But I've started sleeping in later and later and it affects my mood, my work and my energy.  So my aim now is to set my alarm for 8am and be up, showered, dressed and breakfasted by 9am (obviously it takes us some time to eat brekkie) so that I can get on with my day which will be made up of studying and exercising!

Tomorrow - 18th March

  • 8am alarm
  • Breakfast - porridge with skinny milk and raisins
  • Walk - 1hr
  • Lunch - leftover pulled pork with some salad
  • Study at the library 1-6pm - (snack: roasted edamame beans, apple)
  • Gym - 30 mins walk/jog on the treadmill (would love to be 50/50); 30 mins random setting on recumbent bike - Level 7; weights - all areas including 60 crunches, 30 squats, 30 lunges.
  • Dinner - chicken, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, sweet potato mash, yoghurt.
  • Aim to be in bed by 11pm

Wish me luck! I've got to start taking forward steps! x


  1. Good luck! I find keeping a regular sleep/wake schedule (even on weekends) is a big part of regulating my moods. :-)

  2. I get into ruts too but warmer weather and getting moving usually help.. Good Luck!