Friday, 29 March 2013

I'll be a runner yet...

Drumroll please.......

I just entered my first ever 5k!!!!  It's on 23rd June, 11am - I'm raising money for Cancer Research UK - I am so excited.  Now, let's just cast our minds back to August, I ran for 22 minutes (a mile and a half I think) - half way to a 5k.  I've enlisted the help of a dear friend (she's marrying her long term girlfriend next summer and has asked me to be a bridesmaid!!!) who is a personal trainer - she's going to set me a program and try and workout with me once or twice a week.  She lives an hour away so it's not super convenient, but she can at least set me going.  She said, not only could she help me finish the race, she'd have me running the whole thing with a smile on my face!!  Not only that, but we talked about the possibility of using this as a starting point to lead up to....running a MARATHON April 2014.  Me?  A marathon runner?  I weigh 220lbs, I am a lazy slob (at the moment) - but I WILL beat this hellish disease of obesity.

In other news, I had my first driving lesson on Wednesday!  Was so nervous (I know 24's pretty late to start learning) but it went really well.  The instructor was really friendly and very clear and reassuring.  It was a big deal for me to not only start learning something new, but to put myself in a situation where I'm one on one with a stranger, but I beat my anxiety this time!  I'm hoping to be done with lessons in about 12-14 weeks.  My sister is giving me a car (for free!), though it's only a crap little Nissan Micra, insurance shouldn't be too high on it though as its got a little engine.

Love to all xxx


  1. This is so excellent! Did you ever quit the awful gym? I think this sounds like such a better option to work out with a good friend, if she is truly committed to supporting you this way. How exciting about the driving as well. Hubs and I both got our licenses later. I was 19, he was about 24 I think. Your insurance will be lower getting it later, and you are a better thinker. ;-) You are really challenging yourself in many areas! You will learn on a stick shift, right? Here in the U.S. most kids just learn on an automatic, so you are learning more than I know how to do!

  2. Way to go! You will be shocked at how much of a smile you have on your face at the end. Look into the couch to 5k app, it's a really great program. I ran my first 5k with it - and I was about 210lbs when I did it!

  3. nice job setting some goals! I know you got this!