Sunday 28 August 2011


If (or rather a big fat WHEN) I get my band, the tool I need to build my house of dreams etc - I am going to name her Beyonce. I've seen that lots of people name their bands, I'm not sure how everyone decides though. My love for Beyonce is a fairly new thing. Over the last year I've begun to admire her more and more, and then finally, some time after the event, I saw the footage of her headlining Glastonbury on youtube and completely fell in love. She is AMAZING. Brilliant, inspiring, powerful. I aspire to be like her and I want to love myself that way she does herself. Only then will I have enough respect for myself, my body, to stop treating so badly and really live my life. So as my inspiration, my role model I suppose, my tribute to Beyonce is to name my life changing band after her.

I do hope I'm not jumping the gun...I haven't even had my consultation yet...
Btw...I think it's a sign...If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it...halo...these are shaped like a BAND no less!! It's practically written in the stars!

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