Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fatty Pic and Finance Fail.

So here's another oh so delightful picture of me from mid June when I was in Madrid. I was probably about 10lbs lighter then than I am now just 2.5 months later.

I got an email from the finance company I'd applied to. It's a no go. Not unexpected. They require you to have an income of £1000 per month minimum and be a home owner if you're applying for more than £4k. I barely had a hope that I'd be approved for it so I'm not upset. I was looking at credit union loans with my mum and we were getting hopeful, but then I discovered the the first loan they issue isn't very much and is again income assessed. I expect it's impossible to get a loan without an income. Once I'm back at uni I'm going to try to get a job, but I still won't earn very much because I can't do many hours (due to uni work and my poor mental health).

In brighter news, I've begun to compile a folder of my journey and write everything beautifully in a note book. This satisfies my love of stationary and having things organised. I've written a whole long list of questions to ask my surgeon and patient care co-ordinator at my consultation which is only a week tomorrow. I really hope to have some idea of my money situation by then so that I don't feel overexcited by the consultation only to have my dreams destroyed by lack of immediate funds.

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