Thursday, 1 September 2011

I am the walrus

I hope that one day, I could maybe look a little bit like Christina Hendricks. I have the same basic shape as her...I think - hiding under all this fat. I'm basically a walrus at this point. Anyway - I received the medical questionnaire from THG yesterday, it's pretty much what I expected. It asked about medical (physical and mental) history and a bit of weight history. There's also a part in it to be filled in at your consultation. There was also a very comprehensive information guide about the band and the specifics of my pre and post op diets. It was really good to get all this information under my belt. Only six days to go until my consultation! So far no news on the finance front. My mum keeps saying vaguely but assuredly, that it'll be fine, that we'll find a way, that I don't need to worry. Although I'm sure she's trying to reassure me, this seems like a pretty flimsy thing to say. I ask how, and she says, things always come together. The fact is, that if I want surgery at the end of October, I need to come up with nearly £6000 in 6 weeks. I'm sending the letter I've written to my mum's close friend who I think may help me. It will be very good to hear back from her. On top of these financial worries, I'm having a NIGHTMARE with the student finance company who are saying they won't pay my fees for this year because it's a repeated year. I'm having to repeat the year because my mental health, which had been particularly low this past year, prevented me from completing the year. There is meant to be a mechanism in place that allows people with medical (mental and physical) problems extra year funding. So I also have to come up with £1700 in 2.5 weeks so that I can enrol. I swear they are trying to kill me with stress. In other news, my weight today is 16st12lbs (236lbs). This is good I guess, but I haven't put down a starting weight as I haven't technically started. But all of last week my weight was 17st(238lbs) so I was planning to take that as my starting weight. Height: 5'3" Age: 23 Starting Weight: 17st (238lbs) Goal Weight: 10st (140lbs) Holy Shit Goal: 9st (126lbs) I guess I'll do measurements soon as well. I can't wait for my thick 'cankles' to disappear!

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