Monday 19 September 2011

An Award...for moi?

Goodness!  I have received 2 nominations for the Liebster Blog Award!!  Thank you so much to JRD and Rachel for nominating me!!  It's incredible to have all this support and I absolutely love and avidly read your blogs!  I've been away from blogger for a few days so I sort of think I've missed the boat a little with the Liebster Awards so I'm not officially passing it on, as I reckon most people have one already - but know that I love reading all your blogs and you all deserve awards and praise and cuddles for your bravery and brilliance!

In other news, I've moved back to uni.  Managed to pack everything, drive up (1.5hrs) and unpack without getting too stressed.  My mum was a great help, and I didn't once want to throw her out the window!  I'm back in halls of residence on campus and my room is lovely.  It's on the fourth floor and my entire view is of beautiful autumnal leaves.  I'm in a flat of 8 and I've met a few so far - I'm quite nervous and I feel completely panicked at the idea of socializing with these new people, but I'm sure it'll be fine in a couple of weeks.

I got a few protein shake samples, one was like a shot - 25g protein, fruit punch flavour - it was DISGUSTING!!!  It tasted like some sort of lethal fruity medicine.  I only had a couple of sips and then decided there was no way I was going to buy it again.  The other two I got and haven't tried yet, one is more like a sports drink, 500ml and 40g protein (I plan to only have half at a time after all your thoughts about 25g protein being the maximum you can process at one time); and the other is a 10 serving sample pack of whey protein powder in strawberry cream flavour.  Must make some headway in trying these to make sure I've got something to drink after surgery.

Speaking of surgery - it's less than 4 weeks away!!  I start the pre-op diet in 12 days, that is so soon!!  I'm so excited!  Though I weighed myself today and I was up to 17st3lbs (241lbs), this will be the result of lots of meals out with my dad when he came to visit from Australia.  I feel awful about my weight at the moment.  I think I look terrible, my worst - I'm tired and I got pains in my legs when I walk, I go bright red and get out of breath when walking up a hill, I hate it!  But I don't need to get too down about it because change is a-coming! x


  1. You are so close to surgery!! Enjoy being back at uni... I actually miss being in school this fall... but don't worry, I will be back at it in January 2013 - and I will be in London - we will have to take our skinny selves out on the town!! xxx

  2. That time will fly by and once you start your pre op diet you will certainly be on the road to a Bandster!

    Good luck back at school, and hang in there your DAY is fast approaching!

  3. Wow, it's gonna be here before you know it! :)

    Sorry you didn't have much luck with the protein shake, but you'll find one you like!

  4. That's so soon! Exciting :)

    You'll find a good protein shake. There's enough brands out there that something has to be tolerable for you.

    Good luck with school!

  5. Good luck with the protein shakes and being back at school!

  6. 4 weeks!! Yahoo!! It will come so fast!!

  7. woo hoo 4weeks... and a nomination thats awsome!!!

  8. Its not too far away. It will go by quicker then you think! Have you tried the EAS Myoplex light shakes? They are pretty good, not sure if you can get them in Europe though.