Sunday, 11 September 2011


20 days and counting until I start my pre-op diet.  I'm lucky in that I'm not required to do a liquid diet, or (as is popular with some of the other surgeons at my provider) a milk or yoghurt only diet.  Instead I'm allowed:
  • 4 eggs per day
  • 1 chicken breast and 1 piece of fish per day
  • broth
  • 3 x fruit per day
  • green salad and green vegetables
  • sugar free jelly
How does that compare to your pre-op diets?  I'm not feeling too worried about it...yet.  What I have been thinking about though is that with three weeks until I start the diet (5 weeks til surgery), what should I do until then?  I've been eating terribly as usual and part of me feels like I should just eat whatever I want whenever I want while I still can.  But the other part is itching to get going and that time now spent not losing weight, is time wasted.  And that if I started now, getting to my goal weight is that much closer?  So I was wondering what everyone did in the lead up to their pre-op diet and surgery?  Whether you found yourselves cutting down a bit, eating less and more healthily straight away, or binging right up until the last minute?  I'm sure that whatever feels right is ok, but I just want to get this show on the road and yet I feel like I should take advantage of this time to eat eat and eat some more.


  1. I was not required to do any kind of pre-op diet, I was just told to eat lite on the day prior to my surgery and stop eating at mid night the day of. I had my surgery 3 days ago and I'm no sooooo HUNGRY! I went in to room and read while my family had dinner. I can't wait to eat again.


  2. I also did not have a pre-op diet at all. Once I made the desicion to get the lap band, at first I had last super syndrome and ate all the things I 'thought' I would never eat again. After a few weeks of that, I realized that if I packed on the weight before, it would just take all the longer to get to my goal weight and started to eat healthier. FOr me the first few weeks after surgery were the hardest- I disliked the liquid diet. Once that was over, I was super happy and love this band.
    I realize now that in moderation, I can eat most things, and I didn't need the last supper binges.

  3. Your pre-op diet looks similar to mine in that it was a 'healthy' diet. Mine was a total of 14 days - day 1 and 2 were liquids only. Days 3-12 were stay around 1000 calories a day. Days 13 and 14 back to liquids only. This just helped me think about the changes that were to come. I had way too many last suppers :(

  4. Mine was basically a low carb/higher protein diet, and I did mine for 14 days. I wasn't super worried about losing the weight before, as I figured there would be plenty of time to do that once I was banded, but I did have some last supper syndrome the night before my 1st day of pre-op diet, and my last meal before the surgery. I wasn't as strict with the pre-op as the clinic probably wanted me to be, but I did the best I could, and it's all turned out ok!! So just do the best you can, and your surgery will be here before you know it!!

  5. Yep, I'm with Robyn, no pre-op diet at all for me. I did the last supper thing many times. I have found too that everything can work in moderation.

  6. I am day 11 of my pre-op diet and its going pretty well. The first few days were very hard as my body adjusted to so fewer calories. Now though its like my cravings are pretty much gone and mostly I struggle with my low blood sugars that tell me its time. My doctor has me on 2 protein shakes and two small high protein meals like chicken and veggies per day. I have lost about 10 pounds but more then that its really put my mind where it needs to be for surgery Thur. If you read my post titled 'food funeral' you will know that I had the last supper syndrome as well. Seems so long ago now....

  7. I was required to do a two week liquid diet, then five days of clear liquids - I hated it!! But, I got a jump start on my weight loss, so I guess that's a good thing..

    You're almost there!!

  8. That doesn't sound bad at all. I actually didn't have a pre-op diet. They just said to eat something light the day before. Post-op was hell though. 1 week clear liquid, 1 week full liquid, 1 week pureed, 2 weeks soft, then, finally, just this past Thursday, I got to start back on regular foods. It feels like it's been forever. And during that week of clear liquids, I thought my stomach was going to eat itself. I absolutely did the whole "last supper thing". Oops O:)

  9. I'm just finishing my Detox today, I had to do 3weeks. My deit was much stricter then yours seems to be.... as for the days coming up to the pre-op I went on vacation and I ate and drank like a fish! not only that but I kinda had that mentality of this i my last hoorah as a fat girl and ate what I wanted... then I detoxed!

  10. I was required to do a 2 week liquid pre-op diet (protein shakes, broth, popscicles was all I could have). Up until I started the preop diet, I pretty much ate like normal. I did go out the night before I started it and had a "last supper" at my favorite restaurant.

    One thing I would recommend (if you haven't already done it) is to start testing protein shakes. Since you will be on liquids for a little while after surgery it is good to find some shakes you like now while you have the time. I would suggest finding several flavors because drinking the same thing over and over gets old very quickly!

  11. I didn't really have a pre-op diet. Was told to eat reasonable a week prior. That was it. I was torn between "last supper syndrome" and getting going on the weight loss stuff. It turned out to be a combo. I ate all my favorite things but tried to do better the rest of the time.

  12. I had clear liquids for 10 days pre op! The reason being to shrink the liver. I am glad that I did it. I lost 10 pounds on the pre op diet! It was hard the first three days and then a breeze after that. It prepares your body for the tiny little bit of nutrition you will be getting those first couple of weeks after surgery!

    it is getting closer. I can recall the excitement I felt as mine approached. Good Luck