Saturday 3 September 2011


Yesterday, I very nervously and tentatively posted a comment on Lap Band Gal's blog - bearing in mind I have been somewhat of a band-blog lurker for about 18 months - and am so so delighted to have heard back and so grateful that she gave me a lovely shout out on her wonderful blog!!  And thank you as well to all you fabulous ladies who have posted comments, it is wonderful to hear from you all and I'll be reading your blogs at once!!  Many of you have mentioned that I need to add the followers widget to my blog which I think I have done...but for some reason my internet won't show it to me - it says page not found - anyone else had this trouble or know what it could be.  It's the same when I look at your blogs too - I can't see the followers!  However, it is maybe now you'll be able to follow me.  Do let me know if isn't working and I'll try and figure it out, or enlist the help of someone with computer smarts!  Anyone thank you all again, I really hope to become part of the incredible group of bloggers on here.  Much love x


  1. Hi Mari- New Follower. (Waving hello)
    Your Follower Widget is on the site.

  2. I can see your followers - and now I'm one of them! Happy to be here.

  3. Hey Mari! New follower from lapband gal - nice to meet you! I was able to find your follower widget, so I think it's all good...come visit me at Can't wait to hear all about your journey.

  4. Your following area showed up for me.

    LBG sent me over! Cannot wait to get to know you!

  5. It worked! I see the followers and I am one-- how funny that your band is called Beyonce. Love it.
    Congrats on entering the band-0-sphere....