Thursday 29 September 2011


Hello lovelies,  I hope that everyone who's off to Chicago for BooBs has an amazing time!  I am so jealous!

I went to my very first Zumba class yesterday!!!  It is SO fun!!  I loved the music and the laughing when I'd inevitably turn the wrong way of kick the wrong leg or almost trip myself (and others) over.  I used to think I was quite coordinated, despite being very clumsy, but it seems not to be so.  It was tiring and I sweated a huge amount but otherwise really enjoyed it!  Modified some moves but didn't stop once!  NSV!  I'll definitely be doing it again.  The only real draw back was my fitness level and how much my ankles hurt - they hurt when just walking too, it's incredibly upsetting for me to know that I have practically disabled myself by eating.  But...

...In more exciting news, my pre-op diet starts in 2 days, on the 1st October!!  I've been eating a lot.  And worrying that I won't be able to have things I love before I start the diet, but it will all be worth it!  I have this feeling that starting the diet and then in a little over 2 weeks having surgery, will just be such a relief!  A relief from eating this way and feeling so lethargic and sitting in bed every night surrounded by food.  And in only 2 days the change begins!  Oh no, that made it sound like I was having a sex change or something - you all know what I mean.  I am nervous as hell, but I am so sure this is the right decision.  It's pretty much just a countdown from now on!  I have to pay my bill of £5000 on Saturday (already paid the deposit) so that's a bit scary, but at least then it's real.



  1. Wohoooo - soon you'll be able to do those ads and be like "This is a zumba body" haha! That's so awesome and yay for your pre-op diet starting soon! So excited for you!

  2. Not too much longer. Just remember you CAN get through the preop diet and then you will be on your way. I am so excited for you. I can't wait until I can be cleared for exercise other than walking because I am dying to try Zumba too!

  3. Ohhhhh WOW!! You're almost there!!! Sounds like zumba was a blast - good for YOU!!!

    I am sooo excited for YOU!

  4. You're almost will be amazed how quickly your ankles will start feeling better when the weight starts coming off (I know that's how it was with my knees). Congrats on is my favorite form of exercise these days!

  5. I LOVE Zumba...I am not graceful at all but it's all good fun. My knees and back were so achy and now I rarely wake up feeling all creaky. Once that weight starts coming off, you'll feel so much better. Don't worry about "the food you won't be able to eat." There's really not much you won't be able to eat. And you'll find that most of your favorites are slider foods anyway (good and bad there).

  6. Well I'm going to try this comment one more time.(maybe 3 times a charm)

    I could never do Zumba. I'm not coordinated enough.

    My mom(mum lol) is from Gloucester England but she's been in the states now for 40 years. I have an aunt in Cardiff though.