Sunday, 5 August 2012

About time!

After seven months at my current fill level, I'm heading to London on Tuesday for a fill.  I constantly want to eat and pretty much can.  I had a good chat with my dietician and she agreed that the right portion size isn't satisfying me which is leading me to seek more food.  I'm nervous because when I first got this fill back in Feb I was really tight for the first few weeks.  Though the tightness was exacerbated by pb-ing and going back to solids too soon.  I'm hoping for just a little fill - I think I've got quite a bit in my 10cc band, 6 or 7ccs I think.  But I think it will help kick start me again and remind me of the basic bandster rules and a drop on the scale due to liquids will hopefully provide a psychological boost.  It's TOM and I'm feeling bloated and sorry for myself and the scale is reporting more than a lb up from last week which completely demotivated me and led to me eating more.  Stupid scale.  I'm desperate to get past the half way point.  Sooner rather than later but at least by my 1 year bandiversary on the 15th October.  But I'd really like to be further along. I worked out 4 days in a row this week, and then when I saw that period induced gain on friday I kind of gave up with everything, isn't that silly!  But an NSV - I beat my longest run!  Previously it had been 15 mins and I got it up to 16.5 mins on Thursday!  I really want to be able to run 5k by Christmas.  Love x


  1. I have 7.5 ml after my unfill (was 7.8 before) and could do with some putting back in now. It's amazing the difference just a tiny bit can make though.
    Getting to half way by your bandiversary is totally doable! Just time to get your head in the zone and get yourself a plan. Do you count calories? xx

  2. I hope you get to the half way point for your Bandiversary, do you count calories? do you drink with your meals or maybe to soon afterward, my surgeon has told me to wait 1.5 - 2 hours before drinking after a meal because it will just wash the food down thru the band. I am sure you already know that but hey all surgeons are diff. so maybe not right... I wish you luck babe, and hope you have a safe trip to London for that fill. you run? jeez I could never and will never I bet, my old bones (35 years old they are lol) I feel like I would just die I hope I never get chased by a bear. BTW my first fill will be the 15th woohoo!!!!

  3. sounds like a slight fill is in order!