Tuesday 28 August 2012

Weekly Goals

So the scale was up this week, a lb and a bit.  It's ok - I can deal with it.  I pb'd a couple of times, still getting used to this fill and that led to uber tight irritated band which made it hard to eat properly so I resorted to sliders (chips and salsa anyone?!) and I only got in one work out and had three family events in three days.  So it's a blip and I'm ok about it.

Goals for this week:

No alcohol - I'm not a big drinker, but I get very anxious in social situations and find myself drinking to calm down which is silly.  So I'm just gonna say no.
Gym - I'm going to aim for 4 x this week - but may substitute for a home work out if I'm feeling like I can't leave the house.  I want to work more consistently on my running because when I don't do it regularly it's impossible to make any progress and then I feel like a failure when I can't run as long as I did the time before.
Tracking - I start each day well, tracking my breakfast etc, but particularly if I'm out and don't know the exact calorie count of my meal, I give up tracking for the day and then it turns into a bit of a free for all.  So my new plan is, if you're not willing to track it, don't eat it!
Water - Because I've been really tight this week I've found it hard to get my water in.  3 litres a day, no excuses.

Love to you all, Jellybeans xxx


  1. Great goals for the week! You can do it!

  2. nice goals, hope it is a great week and if you slip up dont give up! just get back at it babe.

  3. Good luck Hun!
    I am sure that you will do well with those goal this week.

  4. Good goals, darling - you got this, you know you do! Keep being awesome, and get back up. That's all we can do. Keep pushing forward. I like your idea about if you're not willing to track it, don't eat it - I am totally like you! I'm going to try this for the rest of the week! xoxo