Monday 13 August 2012

So Close!

Arghhh!  I was so close to Onederland - in fact I saw it one day last week.  But alas, it was not to remain.  For now!  You just wait onderland and all of you who reside there, I'm a'comin'!

HOWEVER - I did have an awesome weight loss week compared to ALL the weeks of this year.

Starting Weight: 17st9lbs (247lbs)
Weight Last Week: 14st7.4lbs (203.4lbs)
Current Weight: 14st4.2lbs (200.2lbs)
This Week's Loss: 3.2lbs!!!
Total Loss: 3st5lbs (47lbs)

I was 0.4lbs away!!  No matter.  My fill is good!  I had one day where I got stuck and pb'd at lunch time, but had soup for dinner and am all better now.  I'm now much tighter in the morning and get gradually looser until the evening when I can eat more or less like I did before the fill, maybe slightly less.  However, I didn't work out for a whole week.  I don't know why really.  Was much busier than usual (which is by no means as busy as most people) but with business comes extreme stress and an exacerbation of my wacky-bonks (that's what I call my mental health issues) - and I think I felt I needed to just rest.  But that didn't get me to onederland and I want to lose the weight through diet and exercise not just diet.  Not just because it helps speed up the weight loss - but also because I want, more than anything, to be fit, and to be toned and to help my mind feel better.  So today I went to the gym, ran for 15 minutes (was aiming for 22 but just lost it and couldn't carry on), 30mins on the bike keeping my RPM between 70 - 80 the whole time.  Then did 10 minutes on the arm-cycle thing - anyone know the real name for this?  Then 50 squats (mixture of normal and sumo with the exercise ball between me and the wall), 50 crunches (mixture of normal, side and reverse) and 15 girl press-ups.  I was SWEATY.  Felt fantastic. Drank loads of water.  Actually speaking of water, I'm really good at drinking lots of it.  I hate even the hint of thirstiness, so try and keep really hydrated - I probably drink 3-3.5litres a day.  Gross as it may sound, I frequently check my wee colour to make sure it's as close to see through as possible.  If it is, I know I'm drinking enough.  Anyone else do this or am I super weird?

Love you all xxx


  1. Congrats! That is awesome... you will be there before you know it and it shows!

  2. If checking your pee color makes you weird, then just call me weirdo...cause I do it all the time. Sometimes it is what reminds me that I need to drink more water.

  3. I'm with you on the pee train, my friend! I try to get my pee to run clear [on the days I work anyway, as I start drinking water at 6 am] by noon! And CONGRATS on being so close - I am 3 lbs away, and I cannot wait! Soon we'll be there together!!!!! Keep your chin up...xoxoxo

  4. Fabulous loss! And great job at working out!

  5. awesome loss----I always check my pee because sometimes I have a hard time getting my water in!

  6. Yea! Youll get there! Youre doing great and seem like youre very motivated. Good for you. Youre looking great!!! So beautiful.